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Prospect and Founder Member's Meeting!

Saturday January 20th 2018.

Prospect Presentation Meeting at 6pm to 6.45pm

Founder Member's Meeting at 7.15pm to 8.30pm.

Holiday Inn, Chapel Lane, Jct 7 off the M6 near Birmingham.
B43 7BG 

Welcome to our team Intro site which is all about The Privilege Car Club Concept!

Please get back to the person who showed you our information..

So they can advise you on the next procedure!

Then upon joining with us you too can use our team intro system also..

Just ask the person who referred you as your sponsor for their joining link..
We look forward to working with you and your new referred members too..


The video you see above is all about the way we think!
The song you will hear if you care to take a look
Is by the RedWoodThinkers.
Plus the video below is our way of saying we hope you agree
That Privilege Car Club is the way forward for all concerned
Actually it's our initial team's mentor Andy's son and his band
Again the RedWoodThinkers " The Guy with the hat on "
Well we do like to plug our own do we not LOL


REMEMBER At the present time we are in PRE launch..

Join us if you have no referring member asap below..

For contact send a message to us here

Subject line:-New Car Club Offer.

So now is the best time to get involved before we hit the WorldWideWeb...

Listen in to a recent recording of one of our online conferences..  

Don't forget the concept will soon be available worldwide too...

Watch our World Wide View video below..

The doors have now officially opened for Full launch on the 20th January 2018..

In the U.K. Plus Europe too also now the U.S.A. We are ready to roll!
It's a good few months since we began to take registrations by private invite only!
Now already many of us are on the way to getting our new car..

If you join us take some time to explore everything and click all the links.

If you are brand new and just getting started, great!
We have some top-class training for you to see!

So that you can start yourself on your way to achieving your goal!

Towards getting a brand new car with at least a 20 K Value using our Crowd Funding System!!