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Live Calls

Our new time for live presentations five nights each week:

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we feature our
Nutrients and health education Tuesdays and Thursdays
we feature the Rewards Plan
Time: 9 AM Pacific - 10 AM Mountain -
11 AM Central - 12 PM noon Eastern
Number: 641-715-3580 Pin: 949 458#
You can also listen "live" via the net:
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Free-Mart Archived Recordings
are now available in the back office.

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Great overview call Listen Here! (Nov 29th 2017)
More testimonials


Testimonial from Coach Pate healing cuts and stopping colds
(I know we do not need band aids any more either thanks to the silver)

Testimonial from Darnell on my energy is back on the IEE..

How to lose weight with Sugar D ..
Testimonial from Sharon on how she lost 30 pounds:

By the way, whether you celebrate the Fourth of July or not!

Let's ALL be grateful for the independence being an entrepreneur lets us be! ... 😊 


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Besides being the best company I have been involved with in my 15 years of searching, there is still so much more to come yet..

I do believe Freemart will become a household name associated with only the finest quality products, that actually WORK.

No auto-ships required and a company that cares & we will create freedom for many people in the years to come.

The CEO is John Austin, a very knowledgeable, caring man along with a team

of great people that feels like family.

What is freemart all about?

To me it is about sharing, caring, helping others to become healthier, wealthier!

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The video you see above is all about the way we think!
The song you will hear if you care to take a look
Is by the RedWoodThinkers.
Plus the video below is our way of saying we hope you agree
That To Join Our Free Mart Club is the way forward for all concerned
Actually, it's our initial team's mentor Andy's son and his band
Again the RedWoodThinkers " The Guy with the hat on "
Well we do like to plug our own do we not LOL


This is an archive of the band profile for Redwood Thinkers. Now alas no more! 

Redwood Thinkers were a Leeds based acoustic/pop five piece; who played "highly memorable, hook laden music"

(Music HQ) and were described in Yorkshire's Sandman Magazine as "truly original song writing... melodic... with great vocal harmonies"

Formed in 2005 as an acoustic trio, one sold out album, two more members + 4 years later RWT have performed 100's of shows.

From intimate acoustic sets in front of open fires in rural pubs, to festivals in cow sheds in front of people in wellies and samba climaxing loud, brash sets in bars across England.

Their Falling Down single has been played as the MP3 of the week on BBC Radio Leeds (who described it as 'Brilliant'). 
They have supported Teddy Thompson at Joseph's Well in Leeds and played to rapt audiences at the Cavern club in Liverpool and the Courthouse in Otley.

The Redwood Thinkers last album was 'Fade So Simple' The Band The Redwood Thinkers were as follows!

:Darran Cummings - Guitar/vocals My Son Daz the Guy with the hat on in the video you now see above!

Andrew Wright - Guitars/vocals/harmonica Ruth Wilde - Electric/double Bass Kezia Roberts - Vocals/percussion/keyboards Plus Emma Whitehead - Drums. 

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Plus much more valuable information is on the website product page @
Add 1 - 6 drops of FreeMart Hydration Drops Concentrate to

one gallon of a quality base water!

Like pure spring water or purified drinking water.

This makes for a very economical hydrating program since one 2 oz.

bottles of FreeMart Hydration Drops Concentrate will treat up to

198 gallons of purified drinking water, which = 749 litres

*FreeMart produces one of the purest waters on the market.
It’s oxygen-rich, energized water is 99.9% free of sodium, chemicals

Or chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides.

The water goes through 4 stages of purification which includes micron filtration, activated carbon, reverse osmosis and ozonation.
The additional infusion of FreeMart Hydration Drops with proprietary

laser-enhanced technology makes FreeMart Water the healthiest

Plus most hydrating water known to exist & comes with a metered pH of 7.2..

In addition to its ability to help maintain optimum hydration of the cells 

FreeMart Happy Water contains a multitude of other health benefits due to many 

other positive properties that are energetically embedded into the water via laser.



FreeMart IEE™ Incubated Egg Extract


IEE™ Incubated Egg Extract is a unique, nutrient-dense, cholesterol-free dietary substance derived from pre-embryonic fertilized chicken eggs that have been incubated under controlled conditions until they have reached peak levels of nutrients and growth factors.

The patented process for extracting nutrients from incubated fertile chicken eggs was developed in Norway and has been used in Norway and throughout Scandinavia for many years.

FreeMart IEE™ Incubated Egg Extract contains two unique ingredients not found together in any other supplement.

Research done on Incubated Egg Extract confirms a wide range of important health benefits, some of which include:

  • Increasing Libido
  • Moderating Stress Response
  • Improving Emotional Balance
  • Reduction of excess body weight
  • Improving Muscle Tone & Strength
  • Improving Stamina & Energy Levels
  • Maintaining Healthy Cortisol Levels
  • Building Collagen for Healthier Skin
  • Regulating Production of Serotonin
  • Promoting Longer & More Restful Sleep
  • Giving an overall sensation of well-being
  • Improving Brain Function, Focus & Memory
Then go to the PRODUCT tab for more information or to Pre-Order.


SIAGA ~Amazing product!

The Chaga above in it's natural state!
The Siaga is one of the most beneficial products I have ever seen over the years, FREEMART SIAGA(TM)

Freemart Siaga is a non-heated, water extract

of three very important herbs.
We use a new Quantum Extraction
Technology (QET(TM)) which preserves all of
natural benefits of the....... Chaga Mushroom,
Black Cumin Seed and Licorice Root.

Excellent call below about FREEMART SIAGA!

While it is not legal for us to say we can cure, treat or diagnose anything. 
The call below is well worth a listen to.

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To purchase your Siaga go to
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tab or go to the store and read more....

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